This is the last chance for humanity to defeat artificial intelligence machines!
In 2016, we opened our first Robocode educational center in Kyiv. In February 2022, we had more than 100 centers in 7 countries, and more than 100 thousand students were learning offline and online to code and develop robots and games.

Initially, we developed complex programs for talented children. We constantly participated in international robotics competitions and organized robotics festivals in Ukraine three times. In the fall of 2021, we took 2nd place at the Robotex competition, the biggest and coolest robotics festival in Europe.
Robotics competitions are very interesting, but either harmful restrictions or logistical problems, and now the war made us think about creating a digital version of robotics festivals. We see a huge opportunity in making technical disciplines (mathematics, physics, programming, robotics) popular via online access to such competitions for everyone. And we decided to create a roboverse of geeks and robot lovers.
Problem & Solution
The world is experiencing a real boom in the Play & Earn industry
On the other hand, it is education that creates the greatest potential in the future. Moreover, the school with its classes and lessons is perhaps the only place in the world that looks the same as 100 years ago. And somebody has to change it.

We have already noticed the emergence of a new play, learn & earn trend and have a clear understanding of how to move from web 3.0. to edu 4.0 (with the evolution of IT to create an evolutionary learning model).
Stages of education development
in the history of our civilization
1.0 - From father to son. (handicraft)

2.0 - Schools where assembly line workers are trained
(the main thing is to be like everyone else and not to make mistakes). Now 80% of schools in the world work this way.

3.0 - Individual approach to learning, different speed, trainings, coaching, choice of subjects, PBL (Project Based Learning), MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)

4.0 - Simulations and metaverses, games, virtual and augmented reality, learning with AI robots, creating startups at school. Play, Learn & Earn.
We believe that education is the religion of the future, and we are convinced that technology can solve most of the global problems of the world such as the climate, diseases, famine, etc.

We know for sure that learning should be fun and entertaining. And we also believe that smart young people can earn money with their knowledge much earlier and faster than it is common in the real world. That's why we created CombatCode (CC).

CC is a roboverse for ambitious and smart people. A player can start with a simple robot and simple competitions. For example, to pass the maze, the battle of sumo robots or racing along the black line. A player can choose autopilot or create cool code and sell it to thousands of other geeks.

Having fun, experimenting with robots, programs and sensors, you can earn money, learn technological features and have a cool time. New friends with very tech interests will create cool networking for future startups and offers.
Mission / vision
We are creating a roboverse that will become a planet of education for the postmodern world. Play, Learn & Earn has never been so fun and profitable!

We encourage millions of people to have fun, program robots, win human and AI intellectual competitions, and make money on it!

We are transferring the coolest robotics competitions that are now taking place in every school to the roboverse. We will combine the latest achievements of virtual and augmented reality and the coolest robot battles.
Welcome to the CombatCode planetary system
Into the world of human competition and AI. Into the universe of intellectual competitions in robotics. Here you can choose an autopilot, configure it or write a code and try to defeat a powerful neural network or another player. You can sell your settings, robots or their components or your code along with the whole robot.
CombatCode is a roboverse where you can defeat your opponent with your intellect and knowledge, but you cannot skip the laws of physics and mathematics.

You can choose from dozens of types of competitions, for example, black line races, or soccer robot competitions, or sumo robot fights, or a tank or ship battle. You can play on your own or as a team player.
There is a basic version that can be completed. There is a control algorithm, how exactly your robot will fight against the opponents of the neural network, which is self-learning after each battle, or against other players.
What about robots?
It is possible to choose among autopilot programs, autopilots with settings, tweaking the mathematical parameters of your gadget behavior, or even write your own code for passing the competition.

Aerobatics is when players try different options for hardware solutions and write their own code for them. After that, START is pressed, and then everything depends on the readiness of the robot.

It is possible to choose: tournament (playoff system), championship (round robin) and duel (match with one opponent up to 5 wins).

After each victory, the player's rating increases, and he can get into the major leagues and claim a fight with the powerful CombatCoder - the strongest AI algorithm.

CombatCode is a world open to new solutions, and players who have tokens, victories, etc. can set/suggest new competitions, new tracks, etc.
Brief description of some competitions
High-speed racing on robotic platforms along the track - the black line. The track has many loops, turns, traps, etc. The robot does not have computer vision, only black and white trackers.

One of the most exciting robot competitions is speed. It has different types of complexity, you can use simple algorithms or integral coefficients. Knowledge, power, speed and money. You can choose an autopilot, customize it for a specific robot (it can be assembled from different components) or write your own code.
Orcs drive the player into the Azovstal dungeon, but it is possible to find a way out of the maze (with many traps, dead ends and dangers), go behind the ghouls and destroy all enemies. To get through the maze, the robot must remember the dead ends, bypass the traps and find the exit as quickly as possible. The bot has ultrasonic obstacles and presence sensors. You can choose an autopilot, customize it for a specific robot (it can be assembled from different components) or write your own code.
From the start, the player gets a smart and very fast robot that can do only one thing - throw enemies out of the ring! The bot has powerful motors and a horn in front to throw the enemy into the abyss. But the enemy is also very strong and cunning. There are two robot wrestlers in the ring, and the one who remains in it is the winner. What is the best battle tactic: attacks, luring to the edge, counterattacks? The robot has color sensors (to detect the edge of the ring and ultrasonic obstacles to see the enemy). You can choose an autopilot, customize it for a specific robot (it can be assembled from different components) or write your own code.
A special battlefield, a tank with a laser gun, and there is a mission - to blow up the enemy's hidden headquarters. But not everything is so simple. The enemy has the same task and a tank with a powerful laser. The combat robot has computer vision and 10 shots. In addition, it is necessary to find the enemy command post and save your own. You can choose an autopilot, customize it for a specific tank (can be assembled from different components) or write your own code.
Description of options on the example of the first type of competition - SpeedBotCurve
Robots are complex things, and in order to learn how to manage them, create them or program them, you need to start with simpler ones. One of the simplest types of competitions, but not less exciting, is passing the black line at speed. The robot is a platform on wheels (can have 2, 3, 4 or 6 wheels). Tracks can have of different lengths and complexity (with loops, obstacles, different shades of black of the line itself, etc.).

The difficulty level of the track will depend on the rank of the player. The player's rank will increase depending on the number of games played and the win rate. There will be 10 ranks in total.
Then the platform for the competition is selected. There are three options:
  1. A versatile platform that should fit on average all types of trails.
  2. A platform automatically generated by the program for this track.
  3. A platform assembled by the player himself.
  1. Track length.
  2. The presence and number of loops or intersections.
  3. Coefficient of friction (slipperiness of the track).
  4. Ups and downs on the track.
  5. Cross slopes on corners.
The track is generated automatically based on the following parameters and remains fixed for one day (different planets have different duration of the day):
  1. The speed of the sensors.
  2. Pressing to the track, the turbine.
  3. Speed.
  4. Traction control
  5. ABS.
Then the algorithm settings are selected
(on a scale from 1 to 10, for example):
If we assemble it ourselves, there are the following options
  1. Base (wide, long, etc.).
  2. Engine power (weight + weight of batteries).
  3. Wheel type: stickiness, width, etc.
  4. Color trackers, their number and location.
There is also an option to write the code or a part of it by yourself. After choosing the track, car and algorithm, the races begin. There are five attempts, after each one you can change the algorithm setting or the direction code. But no longer than 20 minutes for all attempts, for example.

A winner is determined in an hour, a day (as the best time to complete the track for this period) or in a battle with an opponent. To win, the time is fixed for which the platform must completely pass the line in the right direction from the start to the finish line and must not fly out of it.
Data from open sources
In 2021, the worldwide video game market was predicted to reach $175.8 billion, with revenue increasing at a rate of more than 10% each year. In 2021, the major video game markets were Asia-Pacific and North America, with 50 percent and 24 percent of gaming revenue, respectively. By 2024, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa will have gained a small part of the market.
Video Gaming
Per Region
2021 Global Games Market
With $88.2 billion in revenue in 2021, Asia-Pacific led the global video game business, accounting for 50.2% of total gaming revenue. With a $45.6 billion investment, China is by far the largest contributor to the video game market. North America, the second largest market, brought in $42.6 billion in 2021. The Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at a solid 8.7% per year.
Per Region
2021 Global PLAYERS
In 2021, the gaming industry was expected to have around 3 billion users worldwide. This is 5.3% more than in 2020, which suggests that the gaming boom of 2020 has led to a long-term increase in the number of players. The number of gamers in the world is expected to reach 3.3 billion by 2024. This number will increase by an average of 5.6% each year over the next five years.
Global player forecast
Leading eSports tourna,emts worldwide as of September 2021, ranked by overall prize pool (in million U.S. dollars)
The eSports sector is rapidly expanding, with more than 456 million eSports fans globally. For eSports to be profitable, you don't have to be a serious gamer with a high kill/death ratio. Prize money for eSports competitions can reach $40 million.
The number of people involved in esports is also on the rise and it is estimated that esports revenue is expected to exceed $1.6 billion by 2021. Sponsorship and advertising generated approximately $696 million of the total revenue in the global esports market. The next largest source of income, at just over $200 million, was mass media.
eSports market revenue worldwide from 2019 to 2024 (in million U.S. dollars)
Asia and North America have the greatest markets for video game tournaments, with China accounting for about a fifth of the total. It's tough to put a precise estimate on China's eSports sector because it's grown so swiftly. With a user base of over 486 million people, estimates range from $1 billion to $20 billion.
All cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, have a current market capitalization of over $2 trillion. This is a huge leap from just five years ago, when the total market value of cryptocurrencies was $15 billion at the beginning of 2017.

The currently growing NFT industry accounts for over one-third of the crypto market ($768 billion in October 2021). A large part of the NFT industry consists of video game assets such as avatar skins.
Crypto and NFTs
Over the years, the video gaming industry has changed dramatically. It has evolved from a fringe subculture to a platform for entertainment for people of all ages. This market has exploded even more than projected in the middle of a global pandemic. Video games can now be found in almost every home.

As new markets enter the space, the industry is changing. Many projects have proved that digital assets can be created using blockchain technology. NFTs are the newest hot issue all over the world, and there is a lot of interest in earning from them.

Furthermore, money that was once only available to a select few is now available to billions of people. It's unknown whether play2earn will disrupt traditional gaming, but new chances can be advantageous to both gamers and producers.

Furthermore, eSports has turned into a competition in the video gaming sector. It's safe to assume that the industry has progressed to the point where we can create a platform that combines two different aspects: eSports and video gaming.

CombatCode capitalizes on three rapidly rising markets: video game, eSports, and cryptocurrency. It integrates them using blockchain and NFT technology.
CombatCode Token ($CCT)
The CombatCode Token $CCT is an BSC-20 token that can be traded on Binance Smart Chain.

Using $CCT for in-game transactions allows us to lower costs on transaction fees, keeping
them at the bare minimum.

We also plan to make bridges with Solana, Avalanche, Ethereum for convenient exchange and withdrawal of tokens and NFTs.

External project contributors will receive the CCT as a reward (payment). This will motivate them to contribute to the success of the project.
(Public round)
Project valuation:
Token price private round 1:
Token price private round 2:
Token price public round:
250 000 000 CCT
Total token supply:
Marketcap on Token Generation Event (TGE):
Pool description
10% Private round 1
Supply (CCT)
25 0000 000
Vesting schedule
10% unlock on TGE, 4.5% each month starting at month 5
17% Private round 2
42 500 000
10% unlock on TGE, 4.5% each month starting at month 5
2% Public round
5 000 000
10% unlock on TGE, 4.5% each month starting at month 5
14% Liquidity, Staking, Market making, Incentives
35 000 000
10% lock, 4% each month starting at month
20% Marketing, Ecosystem, Influencers
50 000 000
20% unlock on TGE, 5% each month starting at month 2
15% Team
37 500 000
0% unlock on TGE (1st year lock), 12% on month 13, 8% each month
6% Partners & Advisors
15 000 000
0% unlock on TGE, 4% each month starting at 2nd month, 12% on month
13, 4% each month
16% Development
40 000 000
0% unlock on TGE(1st year lock), 8,33% each month starting at 13 month
Under development
CCT Utilities
Internal currency
Using the token, you can buy entrance tickets to tournaments, buy components for robots, skins, various subscriptions, rename robots, and much more.

Early adopters will receive unique robot NFT skins that will soon increase in value.

Robot components are divided into groups. For example, for a line following tournament, these are wheels, motor, line sensors, chassis size, etc. All these components will be released as NFTs that players can buy and sell, trade and collect.
Components are divided into 4 types: common, uncommon, rare, legendary.
By collecting a certain number of components of the same type, it will be possible to turn them into a rarer component. Also it will be able to code your robot and then rent it out so that other players could use it and fight against others more successfully.

The created marketplace will help players monetize their successes. There will be a 5% trading fee which will be used to replenish tournament and championship funds.

Also, players will have a special key to connect the robot to the game. One key will be for free - it will allow you to connect one robot. Also there will be available keys to connect multiple robots to participate in different tournaments at the same time. Such keys can be purchased by subscription.
One of CombatCode's primary user experience principles is to give the community a variety of options to acquire CombatCode Tokens fast and easily (CCT). CCT is the only currency used to pay out player profits.
Opportunities to earn CCT include:
Taking part in arena games
Trading NFT skins
Using your own code as a rent
Championship participation
Tournament participation
Getting uncommon perks
Referral schemes
Bug reporting
Competitive Arena
and Championships
A ranking system will also be created, depending on which rewards will be distributed. As the popularity grows, players will be able to take part in world championships and win very big prizes.

Depending on the rank of the player, he will be able to earn from $50 to $1000 per month.
CombatCode Token (CCT) holders will get early access to the asset drops that will be available for purchase before general release. CCT holders will also get early access to the platform and will be the first ones invited to test new features.
  • Team creation

  • Whitepaper, project description, launch plan creation, concept art. Launch of a website

  • NFT collection development

  • Setting-up smart contracts interaction

  • Building a sales funnel to sell NFTs

  • CodeCombat NFTs pre-seed

  • Marketing events to attract new players and create a community, promotion of studying programming among students
Q3 2022
Q4 2022
  • Game development

  • Fund rising: Private round №1

  • Early alpha-test (the first level of the track, the concept of machines for passing, creating the mechanics of the game). 2 types of games (play and program)

  • Building a sales funnel to attract players to the game
Q1 2023
  • Fund rising: Private round №2

  • Alpha testing of the first part of the game (line following), tournament. Early access for investors and early adopters

  • NFT in-game marketplace

  • Physics and programming enhancements v.2.0

  • ​​Launch of the second type of competition (sumo)
Q2-Q4 2023
  • Fund rising: Public round

  • Announcement of new types of tournaments

  • Community tournaments & events

  • Preparation for the World Championship between people and robots

  • Launch of 3 and 4 types of competitions

  • Adding new programming languages

  • Roadmap v2.0
The primary aim of this document is to give appropriate information to those who want to go deeper into the project. All legal rights are reserved. Nothing in this document should be construed as a formal document, invitation, or solicitation for investment, and it should not be used to make any investment decisions.

Any content relating to securities or investing advice does not constitute an offer to purchase any security, ownership right, stake, share, future revenue, company participation, or other analogous rights in any jurisdiction.

This document is not intended to be a recommendation to buy tokens, currencies, or other cryptographic assets.

This material contains forward-looking statements.

The forward-looking statements in this document are only a list of possibilities. Some of these declarations or proposals may never be implemented.

The document's statements and facts may contain errors and inaccuracies. This implies that no claims should be made based on any of the statements or information included within it.

The CombatCode platform economy is built on the trade of internal CombatCode Tokens, which have no external monetary value. In the applicable country, any change of cryptocurrency to fiat or digital money could be considered a taxable event. CombatCode is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of secondary market investing.
About us
International edu centers in 7 countries. Based in Europe (R&D department, robots and gaming production and development of training programs).

20 programs based on the practical knowledge of engineers, gaming and programmers.

The central office is a strong team of 33 people. A highly motivated team in development, education, sales and marketing.

Continuous education for our team in the form of scheduled trainings twice per year to improve qualifications, soft and hard skills.
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